September 10, 2021

While many have experienced amazing results from oil-based products, the amount of CBD your body absorbs from the oil can be quite low, the outcome can be unpredictable, and the experience less than awesome.

Oil-based products have a hard time absorbing into your body, decreasing the amount of CBD your body actually uses.

Water-soluble products are more predictable, more uniform, absorb better (4-5x more than an oil) and faster into the system, and impact the body for a longer period of time. As a provider, I can feel confident that the CBD will be in my patients’ bloodstream in around 20 minutes, and stay in their system for around 4 hours…every time.

When I learned about water-soluble cannabinoid science – it blew my mind. Being able to take cannabinoids and make them water-soluble made total sense to me, as it would be able to provide a much more predictable user experience.

Oil’s Unpredictable Results

Oil-based products hit peak concentration in the bloodstream in a wide window ranging from 15 minutes to 4 hours, and the absorption varies greatly from person to person.

I’ve seen this in patients on a very regular basis – it can take a long time to figure out how long it takes for an oil-based product to have an effect on the patient, which sometimes leads to them feeling frustrated (understandably so), and eventually giving up on the product completely.

Oil’s Effectiveness Depends on Stomach Contents.

Oil-based products tend to sit on top of stomach contents (think oil floating on top of the water) and take a significant amount of time to digest, let alone be absorbed into the system.

I’d find my patients regularly reporting that one day their CBD supplements helped them have the best sleep they’d had in months, and the next day it “didn’t work.” This makes it super difficult for them to even know if CBD works for them or not.

Water soluble CBD works with your body.

4- 5 time more bioavailable, with a more predictable outcome, water-based emulsion products are also odorless and flavorless and can be mixed into anything. This is super helpful for those who struggle with the strong taste and/or smell of traditional cannabis products.

I have found this to be invaluable in its ability to increase patients’ drive to supplement daily with CBD and not worry about the taste. Water emulsion-based CBD supplements are truly the future of cannabis consumption, and an exciting new way to consume cannabis.

Fringe products Left to Right: Henko Broad Spectrum, Mana Isolate, Mysa Topical

About the Author Ant Caligaris

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