Jack M. Hobbs, Allegra R. Vazquez, Nicholas D. Remijan, Roxanne E. Trotter, Thomas V. McMillan, Kimberly E. Freedman, Yuren Wei, Keith A. Woelfel, Olivia R. Arnold, Lisa M. Wolfe, Sarah A. Johnson, Tiffany L. Weir.


CBD is a “lipophilic” or lipid-soluble molecule, meaning that it dissolves in oil. This presents a challenge, because fat soluble molecules are less bioavailable than water-soluble molecules, meaning it is harder for them to be absorbed and distributed throughout the body. In fact, lipid-soluble CBD is only around 6-24% bioavailable. The digestion and absorption of water-soluble molecules is easier than for oils. A recent study looked at the bioavailability of water- and lipid- soluble CBD.

Who was it? 
Ten healthy men and women ranging in age from 22 to 51 years of age.

What was done? 
Subjects consumed 30mg of either water-soluble or lipid-soluble CBD. Blood samples were collected over six hours and analyzed for CBD content. Blood pressure, heart rate, and pulse pressure were also measured. White blood cells were collected and tested for markers of inflammation, including IL-10 and TNF.

What happened? 
Water-soluble CBD appeared in the blood faster than lipid-soluble CBD, as early as 15 minutes, and levels of CBD in the blood were higher at time points ranging from 45-120 minutes. Peak concentration of water-soluble CBD in the blood was reached faster, at 54 minutes compared to 90 for lipid-soluble CBD. Relative to lipid-soluble CBD, the overall bioavailability of water-soluble CBD was 4.5 times greater. Both water and lipid-soluble CBD were present in the blood for approximately 6 hours. There were no effects on blood pressure, heart rate, and pulse pressure. There was a suppression of the inflammatory marker TNF with CBD at 90 minutes as compared to baseline.

Fringe Commentary:
In its native lipid-soluble state, CBD has a very low bioavailability. In this study, water-soluble CBD was found to be much more bioavailable. Water-soluble CBD appeared in the blood more quickly and reached much higher levels in the blood than the same amount of lipid-soluble CBD. There was also a demonstration of an anti-inflammatory effect. A more rapid onset with consistent and convenient dosing is especially useful when treating conditions like pain, sleep, and anxiety disorders. Water-soluble CBD, such as Fringe Mana or Henko, offers many benefits, and is a viable alternative to traditional CBD products.


About the Author Dr. Genevieve Newton

Dr. Genevieve Newton, DC, PhD has spent the past 19 years as a researcher and educator in the field of nutritional sciences. A series of personal health crises led her to discover the benefits of cannabinoids, and she soon found herself engrossed in studying the endocannabinoid system and therapeutic applications of cannabis/cannabinoids in mental health, pain, sleep, and neurological disorders. She has recently taken a position as the Scientific Director at Fringe, a new medical CBD and education company.

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