heal Yourself

For thousands of years how we cared for ourselves was found in nature. While our health problems are becoming increasingly complex in modern society, our solutions don’t need to be. Ancient healing practices provide us a road map of how to connect with nature to help our body heal. 

Why is it that a trip to the beach feels so restorative, or a hike through the forest can turn your whole world around? 

At Fringe, we’re excited to offer scientific explanations for these  ancient healing solutions. Merging “yesterday’s medicine” with “today’s science” can have a huge impact on our healing process. We have known for thousands of years what makes us feel good, and science is now catching up. The healing power of plants, breath, movement, light, touch, water, sound, nature, energy,  and community have stood the test of time:

breath heals

For thousands of years, ancient breathwork traditions in Chinese medicine emphasized special breathing techniques as they were found to have value for a person’s health and wellness. Breathing exercises, and changing how we breathe, can trigger many physiological mechanisms that can have an immediate calming, energizing, and clarifying effect on both our mind and body. Deep breathing decreases stress, lowers heart rate & blood pressure, increases energy, increases immunity, improves mental health, and stimulates the lymphatic system.

light heals

Light is a powerful healing force. As our bodies bathe in sunlight, or light from lamps designed to mimic sunlight; our physiology changes. The light activates a healing cascade inside our body and mind. Modern day living has us deficient in the necessary sun exposure for the cells in our body to function well. We spend 93% of our time indoors, exposed to artificial lighting and that is having detrimental effects on our health. A warm, glowing sun looks and feels particularly magical, and there is plenty of science to explain that magical healing glow. Light Therapy is an exciting emerging field in science and medicine.

community heals

The power of a community to help others heal is far greater than any one person, doctor or clinic. There is something powerful that happens when we gather. This timeless gesture has shaped us as humans. Sharing our dreams, stories, and connecting with others fosters our growth. While our ancestors gathered around the fire, we can expand upon that ritual in the modern world and connect in a vast amount of ways. One thing is universally needed for all of us to be healthy – each other. 

movement heals

If you want a change in your physical or mental health, you better get moving. Moving our bodies actually keeps us healthy and better prepared to prevent and recover from illness. Movement gets our blood flowing to clear our minds and relax our bodies. Movement is the greatest tool for extending and maintaining our quality of life. Whether it is a yoga class, a walk in nature, dancing, or lifting weights, the movement of the body has been proven to be the most powerful form of medicine available to us. There is no right way to move, it is only wrong to st

water heals

Water has been recognized for its therapeutic properties for centuries. Our body is made up of 70% water. We are water in a human form. The flow of water in our body enables us to live active lives and circulate nourishment to our vital systems. Being in, on, or near water can provide tremendous health benefits to us and serve as a reminder of our natural human state of resilience. Whether it is a simple warm water shower, a cold water plunge, standing in a river or a trip to the lake  – the properties of water and their benefits to our mind and body health are tremendous.

touch heals

The benefits of physical touch can manifest positively in your mental health and physical body. Touch releases chemicals in our body called neurotransmitters that are known to foster our sense of well-being and happiness. They also can reduce anxiety, boost our immune system and improve our cardiovascular health. By using therapeutic touch they can reduce anxiety and stress and help the body heal. From a simple hand on a shoulder to a full body massage – Science recognizes that touch has an incredibly valuable therapeutic potential.

energy heals

Energy is a form of complementary and alternative medicine based on the belief that vital energy flows through the human body that is critical to the healing process. Healing touch practitioners believe the world is made up of energy that can block and congest our bodies energy fields leading to the simplest sore throat or a chronic disease. While in science we call it energy, some may call it a life force, at Fringe we often call it a “vibe,” there is no doubt that energy healing can make us feel happier, become more resilient, and reduce sickness.

sound heals

Sound has been used to help influence people and boost morale for centuries, but sound can also heal our body and mind. ⁠Sound healing can lower stress levels, reduce mood swings, lower blood pressure, improve sleep, reduce anxiety and help with depression – all by synchronizing our brain waves into deep levels of relaxation. ⁠Sound healing rituals or sometimes called ‘sound baths’ often use Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, or large drums to create sounds that affect the body and mind. Ocean waves, your favorite song, or the wind racing through trees can ease our minds. Happier mind, happier body. So, we say ‘sound heals’.

nature heals

Throughout time, ancient societies left signs that highlighted the connection and dependance they had with nature for health and healing. ⁠We are the most connected we have ever been to scientific discoveries on how nature contact can benefit our health, Yet at no other time in human history have we been more disconnected from the natural world. Increasing our time in nature results in a host of cognitive, emotional, social, and physical benefits alongside predicting the longevity of our life.

Yesterday’s Medicine, Today’s Science

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